Shadow Mountain proudly feeds Victor Dog Food.

Puppy Food

TRANSFER to a lower protein food at 4 months of age

Adult Food

Shadow Mountain feeds the Classic Professional recipe to our adults. We recommend feeding a meat based diet with good grains. (Not grain free). The Formulas listed above are our favorites.

When picking a dog food, please consult with your Veterinarian.

The FDA has issued a warning on Grain-Free Diets. You can read about it below.

VICTOR offers a convenient store finder on their website.

You can find it here.

Or you can order it on Chewy.

Transfering to a New Food

To avoid upset stomachs, transfer to a new food should happen over roughly 10 days.

Start with 25% new food and 75% old. After 3 days, increase to 50% new food.

Day 1-3
Day 4-6
Day 7-9
Day 10