Frequently Asked Questions About Feeding Your Puppy/Dog

What do we feed?

Shadow Mountain Australian Labradoodles is not a nutritionist or veterinarian. This information is based on our own experiences. Please do your own research and follow your veterinarian’s recommendation.

From weaning until 16 weeks of age we feed a dry dog food that is high in protein and fat, with quality ingredients. For example, our recommended puppy food is approximately 30% protein and 20% fat. We are currently feeding Victor High Pro Plus.

Puppies over 17 weeks of age need a food with lower protein and fat. For example, the current food we are feeding most of our dogs over 17 weeks old is approximately 23% protein and 14% fat. We like food with good grains, and limited fillers. We are currently feeding Adult Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice.

Consult with your veterinarian about your dog’s ideal weight to  help you determine the food that is best for them. Ideal weight is different for every dog. Look at their body condition, vs. the actual number.

How much do we feed?

In your go home packet, Shadow Mountain provides an initial feeding amount for your puppy. This amount ranges based on the puppy’s size now, as well as the expected adult size. For example, 8 week old Miniatures will eat approximately 1/2 cup of food, 3 times a day. 8 week old Standards will eat 1 cup of food, 3 times a day.

We recommend offering 3 meals a day until they are 9/10 weeks of age. Then transition to 2 meals a day.

Please keep in mind that a growing puppy’s appetite will change as they grow. Some days they will eat a cup of food, some days they will eat 4 cups of food. Large Standards (puppies expected to be 5o + lbs) will eat 4-6 cups of food a day while they are still growing.

IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO OVERFEED THIS BREED. If they gobble up their food, then offer them more. If they eat it, they need it!

Food for thought

Since we are not nutritionist, we can only share what we are feeding. We do not pretend to be all knowing and rely heavily on our own veterinarian’s recommendations, ongoing research, FDA recommendations and consultations with other breeders.

We find that is a great tool to start your research.

“What is best” is always changing and based on current trends and what is available. Families need to do their own research.

Please keep in mind that Australian Labradoodles can be sensitive to chicken and fish. We feed beef and lamb recipes.

We would also like to note that food is food and treat are treats. Treats should be used sparingly during training sessions. Excess treats can lead to upset stomachs, and a spoiled pup. Spending your time training your pup is the biggest reward.

Transferring to a new food

To avoid upset stomachs, transferring to a new food should happen over roughly 10 days.

Start with 25% new food and 75% old. After 3 days, increase to 50% new food.

Day 1-3
Day 4-6
Day 7-9
Day 10