Training Your Australian Labradoodle

When you pick up your puppy from Shadow Mountain, you will be provided with a 2 week schedule.

Shadow Mountain’s Go-Home Schedule includes:

  • Wake up time
  • Meal times and feeding instructions
  • Crate training instructions
  • Playtime instructions
  • Potty time instructions
  • Bedtime

Our Orientation Video goes into further detail about the Go-Home Schedule. Please review it before picking up your puppy.

Shadow Mountain requires that you start working with a trainer immediately to help fill in the time between bringing your puppy home, and starting obedience classes at 16 weeks of age. Your Trainer should visit your home within 3 days of bringing your puppy home. “Animal Behaviorist “is the key terms you are looking for. DO NOT USE A TRAINER AT PETCO OR ALIKE. Find a professional trainer.