When Do I Start Grooming?

Grooming your puppy should start right away! Shadow Mountain has introduced baths, nail trimming and even the blow dryer. Your puppy cannot go to the groomer until 16 weeks of age so it is important to continue these lessons at home.

Baths can happen once a week in your kitchen sink. Use the shower head to gently spray down your puppy. Think “shower” vs. submerging in a “bath”. We recommend TropiClean Shampoo and Conditioner.

To dry, place a towel on your washing machine/table/counter and stand the puppy up on it. This is a great exercise to prepare your puppy for the position they will be in at the groomer. Use a blow dryer set on “warm” to gently blow dry your puppy. Please avoid blowing air directly in ears, eyes or anus. This is also a great time to brush your puppies teeth and clean his ears.

Regularly handle your puppies feet, bottom, tail and ears to help them be comfortable with those areas being groomed in the future.

Meet Huckleberry!

Huck is about 9 weeks old in the videos below.

Grooming Weekly Care and Haircuts

All the recommendations for grooming supplies (and a TON of other information) can be found in this document. Click the image to get a downloadable version.