Heartworm, Flea and Tick Treatment

Please consult your Veterinarian on what treatment you need for YOUR area.

At Shadow Mountain we firmly believe that you should only treat for pests that are relevant to your location. Below we have listed the treatments that our California and Oklahoma Branches use. We also strongly recommend treating your yard.

We strongly recommend AGAINST the use of ORAL flea, tick and heartworm treatments. The FDA has released a warning which you can find here. Some Australian Labradoodles have had severe reactions to ORAL flea/tick/heartworm treatments including seizures and death. 

One option is Revolution. It is a topical Flea and Heartworm Treatment. Revolution requires a prescription from your Veterinarian. Be sure to purchase the right dosage for your dog’s size.

Another topical option for Flea and Tick is either Frontline or Sentry.

If you do not use Revolution, we use  ProHeart Heartworm Vaccination. ProHeart is a 12 month Heartworm vaccination administered by your Veterinarian once a year.

We also treat our yards regularly for fleas and ticks.