About Us

The Australian Labradoodle Breed was created for Therapy and Service work, as well as wonderful non-shedding, allergy friendly companions. We believe that each Shadow Mountain dog, whether they wear an official therapy jacket or not, has a inherent desire to share love and comfort in a very special way. Our “Teddy Bear Training” begins at birth and our day to day activities reinforce the natural qualities of intelligence, love, calmness, joy and right activity.

After many months of research, education and our own personal experience, we established a breeding program that “sets a standard” on how responsible breeding should be done.

We Believe In:

  • Responsible Breeding

    Thoughtful, responsible breeding with the focus on health and temperament

  • Ongoing Education

    Ongoing education with our Trainers, Vets and outside resources to continue to grow and improve our program

  • Timely Application Review

    Accepting applicants that have the time, attention, the means and share our philosophy to continue what we have started

  • Ongoing Communication

    On-going communication with our puppy families; as a resource for our improvement, as well as customer service and some wonderful new friendships.

  • Age Appropriate Socialization

    Age appropriate socialization and training for each puppy, including crate training

  • Our Pets Are Family

    Each adult is a beloved pet, our mamas and papas are not breeding stock, they are family. Several of our “parents” live in Guardian Homes.

  • Spay/Neuter & Microchipping

    Spay/Neuter and Microchipping, so that we never contribute to the overpopulation problem