Crate Training Your Australian Labradoodle

  • Get a Dog Bed

    Something small that has a pillow edge to snuggle into, removable/washable cover is a plus

  • Buy a Wire Crate

    We buy ours at or This will serve as a safe place for your puppy.  We do NOT recommend a corral. This breed climbs, the corrals are worthless after 9 weeks of age. The crate will help with continuing training and keep your puppy safe. You save about $50 buying the crate online.

    Buy crate with 2 doors and a divider.

    Miniatures- 36″ L X 24″ W X 27″ H

    Mediums- 42″ L X 28″ W X 31″ H

    Standards- 48″ L X 30″ W X 33″ H

    Note that the stated packaging weights may be larger than your puppy will be.  This breed stretches out when they sleep we don’t want paws poking through the crate and the dog being injured.

    We will provide a go home sleeping crate for puppies 8-11 weeks of age

All the information you need for your new puppy can be found here.  Click on the image to get a downloadable version:

  • Use a Bed Sheet

    Get two (2) that will completely cover the play crate and sleeping crate.

    Play Crate:

    • Miniatures- Queen Size
    • Medium and Standards- King Size

    Sleeping Crate:

    • All- Twin size

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