Australian Labradoodle Colors

Shadow Mountain primarily raises Chocolate, Parchment, Café, Lavender, Red, Apricot, Caramel, Caramel Cream and Cream puppies.

Australian Labradoodles have hair, not fur. Like human hair, their coat color can change as they get older. Most puppies who are born chocolate, will get highlights as they age and they will turn Cafe, Lavender, or Parchment. This change can happen at 8 weeks of age, or at 8 years of age. Sometimes their entire coat color changes, or they will just get a highlight spot on their tale or back. If you have any questions about coat colors, please let us know!

Examples of each color are listed below into what we call the “Chocolate Group” and the “Red Group”.

We occasionally have puppies available with Parti, or Raven coats.

Chocolate Group

Red Group

Other Colors and Markings