Older Puppies & Adults

Shadow Mountain  has the following older puppies available right now.

Lexi and Tessa

We knew Karen and how she loved her Shadow Mountain Dogs Lexi and Tessa. We are happy to help Dale find a home for them and know that he is letting them go out of love for them.  The girls are miniatures and currently in Southern California.
-Shadow Mountain Labradoodles

A Letter From Dale

Lexi and Tessa are sisters, 8 and 6 respectively and come from the same father. They are full of fun and energetic, love being around other dogs and love solitude and their own space at times. They love nothing more, when in comfy surrounds, than to tussle on the floor and chase each other around the house. Tessa loves to chase toys thrown down the hallway and Lexi chases after Tessa; not the toy! Tessa loves soft toys as a baby loves a pacifier; it’s her go-to comfort “mouth piece”. Lexi is a hunter; very much on the outlook for bunnies and birds or anything that moves. She will recognize and bark at dogs on the TV and runs looking for them when they disappear on the screen. Tess’s not quite sure about all the fuss; she clearly doesn’t see or recognize the TV dogs or any 4-legged animal as does Lexi. They’ve been well cared for, even when the parents are away on trips we generally had dog/house-sitters stay with them in their own environment. They’ve also spent many a day at a local day-time kennel playing with other like-sized dogs. At time they’ve also spent days at a friend’s house along with up to several other dogs for multi-overnight care.

My purpose in wanting to find a new home for Lexi and Tessa is that their mother (my wife)  succumbed to lung cancer last fall and I find my travel and work load leaves me feeling guilty about being gone so much of the day/days and I prefer that their situation be more stable and conducive to their well-being. They went from living in a large house with a large patio/backyard to now living in a upper level condo with great views of the mountains but not what they thrive with.  This is difficult but necessary. The pups need more stability and I need peace of mind when I am traveling.

They love long walks; I generally take them out for 2-3 miles each day and they enjoy meeting up with other dogs out for some morning exercise. Sometimes, annoyingly (to me at least) they feel they need to bark and growl at the other dogs but once close enough they and I realize it’s all a part of dogs being dogs!

They’ve been healthy and have had regular check-ups locally.


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All of our puppies are sweet, affectionate, playful and eager to please!