We Love Shadow Mountain Labradoodles!

I want to express my sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Charl and Shadow Mountain Labradoodles. She is head and shoulders above the pack when it comes to a quality breeder. She is the most through and detailed oriented breeder I have ever met. Everything about the experience is second to none. Do yourself a favor and visit Charl and Shadow Mountain Labradoodles if you are considering a new puppy.

She provides a comprehensive set of instructions, a sleeping / nap crate, a gorgeous blanket, a leash and collar set, a hoof to chew, a scented teddy bear, the same food they have been eating and so much more so that you are ready immediately to care for your new puppy. All of the paperwork re the medical history, the microchip (so it can be transferred) all the products to use, a detailed “to-do” list, extensive written puppy care recommendations etc… are all handed to you in a neat package. She sits down with you and does an extensive puppy orientation with you so that you are ready for the transition. Her facilities are gorgeous and her and her daughter treated me like I was their only customer. Whenever I text Charl with a question, she responds promptly and is so helpful. She genuinely cares and is so knowledgeable.

I adopted a cream standard size female labradoodle and I named her Sophie. She came pre-trained to sleep through the night in her plastic crate at 3 months old. They had also been working with her on sit, come and fetch. Sophie has been a pure delight the first couple days. I have had her for 5 days now. It is definitely work to care for and transition a puppy, but Sophie has been so wonderful. On the first day I had her, she made the connection by the end of the day to poop outside, And by the third day I had her, she made the connection to pee pee outside. Today at day 5, this 3 month old love has not had a single accident in the house all day.

As smart as she is, she is even more loving and affectionate. Sophie had huge shoes to fill. My beloved 2 yr 8 month old male standard poodle Rex was tragically killed just one week ago when a leash malfunctioned and detached and he was hit by a car. The void was so huge. I was in a very, very bad way. The boarder and trainer for my standard poodle that was killed in this tragic accident, who knew me and Rex well, told me I just had to immediately go to Shadow Mountain Labradoodles and see this sweet girl. She knew about the breeder and her dogs, because she trains and boards some of her other puppies, and she knew a puppy from there would be perfect and is exactly what I needed. Well she was right. Sophie has won her place in my heart and has taken me from the depths of grief to being able to be happy again. Sophie actually licked the tears from my eyes when I was telling Charl about Rex. And right now, she is snuggled into me as I am typing this email. She is just amazing! As much as I could not picture my life without Rex, I now could not picture my life without Sophie. Nobody will ever replace Rex. I had the best boy in the world and now I have the best girl in the world. I wish I had them both now, but at least I have Sophie. She is so incredible and we are going to have such a fun and happy life together. I can’t wait!

Thanks Charl for bringing Sophie into my life! She is absolutely amazing!

Steven Shaffer