Hi Charl–Sadie is just a dear puppy!! She follows me around all over, goes in and out to potty (sometimes on her own, sometimes with my encouragement), and is so mellow–you kept calling her “sweet” and she is certainly that!! We should have named her Hershey Kisses!! She does like chewing shoes and throw rugs so we have to be vigilent re that!

Tom wants to know when he gets “his” puppy–I keep telling him that I am sharing but he doesn’t seem convinced! So, when is the next litter due–any ready around May? Sadie’s size or maybe a bit smaller would be great! We would like red to apricot–doesn’t matter whether a boy or a girl but so far Coby is tolerating a “sister” so maybe we should stick with that!

Although we had hoped to find a breeder closer to us, we are so happy that we decided to adopt our puppy from you. You definitely have a quality program–evidenced by the environment you provide for your puppies, your manner with them, how you select for placement and how they are cared for. So, for us, although there are breeders who are located closer to us, our doggies will start out at Shadow Mountain! Thank you very much for this great addition to our family!!