Hi Charl and Team!

I wanted to share some pix of our precious pup Rusty. He was 9 lbs when we took him home on Feb. 2, 8 weeks old. He is now 26 pounds at 5.5 months old. There’s a betting pool among my friends as to how many pounds over 30 he will be. We adore every ounce of him.

On April 2, two months after bringing him home, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a mastectomy on April 20th, and Rusty has been my best distraction, snuggling sweetheart and laugh inspirer. He attracts attention whenever I am out with him (even when they can’t see my hair, which is usually under a hat). People marvel at how calm he is. I tell them that he was so well cared for by you folks, that you prepared us (and him) with a schedule and valuable tips that have made him a treasure. I truly believe he sensed my need for him to be a good boy these last few weeks as I recover from surgery. I don’t know whether I will need to have chemo until the end of this month, when I get results of test that predicts my risk of recurrence and the potential to spread to other parts. If I do need chemo, I know who my best caregiver will be! If I don’t need chemo, he will be my walking companion as a I train for a long distance walk through Italy this fall.

Thank you for all you do!