Hi Charl

We have had a fun and busy week! Penny has adjusted SO WELL with our home and we couldn’t be happier! We met our new vet and trainer last week. Our trainer gave us lots of great tips and rules and games to play with Penny. She still protests for a few minutes when going into her crate at night, but once she settles down she has been sleeping from 10pm-6am! She is getting LOTS of exercise chasing the boys all over the backyard and running after a big blue ball. She has learned where her potty spot is.

She has met new people every day with all the family, friends and neighbors who come over. She enjoys coming with me when dropping off / picking up the boys from school. And she was a celebrity for a day when Jacob’s teacher asked me to send her some pictures of Penny and she put them up on the big screen in the classroom and Jacob got to tell his Kindergarten class all about Penny!

Attached are some pictures and I will keep in touch! If you are ever in San Diego, let us know, you are welcome to come visit.

Michelle, Justin, Jacob, Dylan and Penny