Hi Charl –

I hope everything is treating you well 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve given you a Nala update so I thought I would reach out and share just how great she has been doing lately!

We still absolutely adore her – she couldn’t be sweeter or more lovable! I’m not even exaggerating when I say that EVERYONE who meets her loves her. People at work flock to her and she is definitely more popular that I am (I get “oh, you’re Nala’s mom! I love that pup!”) – even though I’ve worked at petco for over 3 years now! Her green eyes are amazing and her fun-loving personality is infectious. I’ve never met a dog or human she doesn’t instantly love and want to play with.

She comes to work with me every day and has made a ton of friends. She does great for most of the day but does get a little restless in the afternoon (3:30 is usually her breaking point). Luckily, I can take her out to the dog run usually and let her run around a little before plowing through the end of the day. Nala has become such a big part of my life that I featured her during a presentation I gave in January and people loved it. The few times she has slept away from home (at Steve’s parents’ house) has made our home feel empty – she has become such a big and important part in our lives.

Nala also just graduated Puppy Preschool! We were so proud of how well she did – I would say (without hesitation) that she was the best in the class. A very smart pup – and much more socialized than the other three puppies in the class too. People got a kick out of her energy and fun personality. I’ve attached her “graduation” photo – it really was a great moment!

I’ll send along some more pictures shortly. Life has just been a little crazy for us as Nala will soon be a big sister (we are expecting in June) so there is a lot to prepare! We know she will be amazing and instantly gain a new best friend.

Hope all is well with you! I promise to keep in touch – we absolutely love Nala!

Kristin & Steve