Good Morning Charl,

We had a wonderful night with the puppy. We’ve named her Murphy. Her first name is to honor my husband, Michael, who passed away on June 1st of this year after an 8-month battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Michael and I have always said that if we ever got a dog we would name it Murphy. I’ve always threatened him that it would be a female still leaving him outnumbered as the only male in the house.:) Luca, my youngest, decided that her middle name should be Maximus based on what I said her final weight could be. I’m so happy to have this dream come true for my girls, Kaia and Luca. She sat nicely in the backseat with my girls on our way home from picking her up, and she stole our hearts the minute we saw her.

Working with you has been a true pleasure. I was reassured by the time and effort you took to ensure that Murphy would be well-cared for and that we would all be a good fit as a family. I look forward to watching her grow and develop along with my girls. She will be a huge comfort to our family, especially to Luca who has been seeking the comfort of our neighborhood dogs since the loss of her father. Thank you again.

Very best regards,