Maggie is THE BEST!

Dear Charl,

Following our first week with Maggie, I felt a need to reach out and express to you how absolutely perfect she has been. I cannot count the number of times that I have expressed the words “We found the best breeder!” I would shout it from the rooftops, because I never dreamed a puppy could be this prepared for home life the moment she walked in our door.

Beyond being healthy and adorable, she is brilliant! She already knows to go to the backdoor and sit to go out (only accident we had was on day one). She knows (and usually follows) several commands — sit, down, come here, look, go to your room (play crate). She really is attentive and seems a bit like an old soul in a puppy’s body. Of course, she also loves to play and get loads of love and attention. Fetch is the newest game she’s picking up on well. She’s a joy to have in our lives and I could go on and on!

We would recommend you to anyone! Please share our gratitude with your family, who are all clearly a part of the village that started Maggie out on such strong footing.

Thank you, again.

Leah and Paul