Charl, It has been two weeks since we got Louie from you at Shadow Mountain. He is such a wonderful puppy and has very nicely adjusted to the family.

Since we are from the bay area we were looking around here to adopt a Labradoodle. We contacted you through a recommendation from Goldengate Labradoodles.

It has only been an increasingly positive experience working with you to get Louie.

Thanks a lot for being flexible and accommodating to let us visit you on a Sunday to take a look at the puppies. We were very impressed with how clean your facility was and how well the puppies were cared for.

Thanks again for making the drive to the Ontario airport in the stormy weather to drop Louie off. You have always been quick to respond to our questions via phone or email and we were really impressed with the amount of work that had gone into crate training with Louie before you sent him with us.

The chart with the schedule that you sent with us really helped in getting Louie adjusted to his new home. He is such an active puppy and loves to run around with the kids in the back yard and is growing up to be a very well behaved puppy. He is incredibly smart and within 2 weeks of training, he is now 12 weeks old, he understands basic commands like, sit, down, stay and come (see attached video 🙂 ).

We are still following your advice on crate training, an the other day he actually went to the door to our back yard and asked to be let out to do his business!

We love the little guy and we are very happy with our decision to get him from Shadowmountain. Thanks a lot Charl!