Hello dear Charl, Hope all is well! I haven’t been in touch since everything is great. Here is a little update from us.

Jimi has adjusted well and became an integral part of our family. He is so much fun, and also the most chilled and calm dog I ever had. He is gentle with the girls and loves to play with them.

I’ve been carrying him around to introduce him to the world and he’s been also riding in the car with me. Those trips became so exciting for him and surely make him less afraid. He still has another 5 weeks until he can freely play with other dogs and I can’t wait for him to finally sniff the world! We are teaching him to sit, stay, come, drop and be on the leash. He is a quick learner and will be a smart dog.

Here is photo with the girls and him. The girl in the middle is my older daughter’s friend. As I’m writing this the three of them are playing hide and seek in the yard and Jimi is running with them.

Much love from all of us!