Happy Birthday Ruby!

Ruby is 1 !! We had a big birthday bash this weekend with Zoey, your puppy that Bill and Hart adopted. Ruby had a great time showing Zoey her turf, and later devoured a pumpkin birthday cake from Bones and Scones.

Now about our life with Ruby: She’s our number one love bug who’s primary mission in life is to give love and be loved. Oh, and play!! She is weighing in at 25 pounds and is very active and healthy. Her coat seems to be becoming lighter. Every day she gets compliments on her coat and what a beautiful dog she is. She’s never met a tennis ball or sock she didn’t love and is always ready for a game of fetch. She has forced an extension of our toy budget. The life of a soft toy is measured in minutes. It has been a challenge to find sturdy toys that are long lasting, but we have succeeded in finding a few favorites. She is a pro on the “expert” dog puzzles, and has mastered them in minutes. The Fed Ex lady rings the bell and waits whether needed or not, because she says she needs her Ruby fix.

Wanted to catch you up on Ruby’s first year. She has been a Joy in our life. We think of you as we take a monthly drive to La Jolla and we all give you a wave as we go by your street. Please thank Brandy again for us. Ruby is a great loose leash walker. The love shown her at Shadow Mountain is very evident in Ruby, an extraordinarily loving, confident companion.

If you are ever in the area, please feel free to drop by, we would all love to see you.