Ellie & Sadie

Good Morning, Charl–The girls are keeping us busy–they are really becoming great friends–Ellie is a little spitfire for sure! And Sadie encourages her! They are playing tug of war al ot–when Sadie wins she gives it back to Ellie so they can play some more! My friend loaned me a puppy pouch so carrying Ellie to the beach last night was more comfortable. Sadie, Tom and I are going for our usual walk and play on the beach this AM–will leave Ellie home to rest. Then Ellie and I spend some time out on our road doing leash walking. We are going to teach her to use the doggie door today all by herself. Having the two of them certainly amps up the energy level around here–poor old Coby! We have our trainer coming over for a private lesson on Wednesday afternoon–to help us know better when we need to intervene and when we just let them all work it out! Its a circus!