Hi Charl, I hope this note finds you and your team doing well. Thanks to you, the Walters’ team is doing great! I’m not sure words can express how Cooper has changed our lives, specifically Brad’s. The love, companionship and joy Copper brings to us daily is priceless.

As you know, Cooper will ultimately be trained as a service dog for Brad, so finding a pup with the perfect personality, disposition and attitude was a tall order. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we drove to your location hoping and praying we would drive home having identified the perfect companion for Brad. You introduced us to two puppies that you felt would meet Brad’s needs and there was an immediate connection to “Puppy B.” He was so sweet, so loving and you were so patient as we asked what I’m sure seemed like 1,000 questions. It’s obvious your years of experience breeding, living with and loving labradoodles benefits anyone looking for a pet that will forever enhance their lives.

Since Cooper landed with Brad, he’s been a rock star! We get stopped everywhere we go with everyone wanting to pet him and wanting to know where we got him. Cooper just completed 7 weeks of Puppy Kindergarten and I can say without a doubt he was the teacher’s pet and a class favorite. He is sociable, playful, lovable, friendly, confident and a very mellow puppy. You expressed the importance of personality with a service dog and I’m confident Cooper will provide the perfect balance of love and support to Brad over the years.

Thankfully he is finally “legal,” and went on his first official walk yesterday with Brad. Cooper’s expression when his feet the ground is to be treasured. He seemed excited yet nervous and was consistently looking up to Brad for confirmation that yes he can walk and no longer needs to sit in a basket.

Thanks to your initial training he enjoys his crate and has done a really good job figuring out the right place for his “stuff.” He’s now sleeping through the night and I’m sure the ability to walk and run and play outside of Brad’s home will provide the ultimate level of freedom that all pups crave.

I’m not sure saying thank you for Cooper is enough, but I’m hopeful you know how much we appreciate you and Shadow Mountain Labradoodles.

With love and endless thanks,

Brad and Cindy Walters