Ok, we are totally in love over here, over the moon. EVERYONE is sooooo happy with cookie and she is such an amazing dog. She is sweet, mellow, friendly, smart, easy and adorable. All who meet her thinks she is fantastic and we really can’t walk down the street without a ton of people asking us what kind of dog, where did we get her, her name, etc…She’s a rockstar. I’ve given your website to at least 15 people.

Furthermore, Moses and I have never had a dog and we are realizing now what a wonderful addition she is to our family. I was so worried about more responsibility in my life, having four children is a lot, and it really hasn’t been that hard. All the postives about having a dog completely out weigh any negatives, even the poops. Thanks for the pics. They are saved in my cookie file. I’ve taken a ton of photos, enjoy my fav.

~ Joanna