Hi Charl, I am attaching a very belated promised picture of our boy Chewie and my 3 kids…this photo was just before Thanksgiving. (You may put this on your website if you wish:). The individual photo of him I am attaching was taken when he was just 3 1/2 months old.

Chewie is such a cherished member of our family….it seems like we have had him forever! He is thriving…at the vet 2 weeks ago he was 19 lbs. and I am sure he has gained another pound or two since then. He is gorgeous and perfect in every way. Everyone who meets him falls in love.

He loves the kids, loves to go on walks with us, and he even loved the snow when we brought him to our cabin for the first time over Thanksgiving! He LOVED it! I found a lovely trainer is a small class at the small community center near our house and he loves going to class. He absolutely loves my mom’s dog and my sister’s two dogs…he is so social.

The only thing he has ever been scared of is the garbage truck/recycling truck. I am trying to expose him to these slowly but truly that is the only thing he has ever been freaked out about.

A very Happy Holiday season to you and love from Chewie!

~Maureen Pardi