Benji at 7 1/2 months


Isn’t he beautiful? Aside from the fact that you can’t see Benji’s eyes, this photo captures his spirit — playful royalty. As I tell him every night when I put him to bed, he is the very best, smartest, and most beautiful dog in the entire world. He is friendly with everyone who comes to the house, and expects to be petted by everyone we pass on the street when walking. He loves visiting other dogs. He is so smart — he knows exactly how to communicate what he wants (for example, by bumping into me, then walking to the closet where he knows we keep the bully sticks he loves to chew on in the evenings, then looking longingly at the closed closet door until I get him what he wants).

Please tell Debonaire and Kala how proud they should be of their son!


Miriam and Chuck