Annie Marie

Charl, We are having so much fun. You are not going to believe this…We are not calling her Ginger. When we got her home, it just didn’t fit.. Annie Marie Kallemeyn is her name ~ And she already seems to know it. Either she knows it, or we say it with such excitement she responds!!! Attached is picture of Annie resting on the living floor after a wonderful outside play session. She is a delight. And, she is doing just wonderful at adjusting to her surroundings. What a darling she is!! Another picture of her chewing a pink toy her Nana bought for her. She loves all of her toys. However, her favorite toy is something called a “Freezey Bone.” I soak it in water and then freeze it. She loves that thing. She tosses it in the air, throws it, chases it, barks at it. It is hilarious. My comic relief. And, when it thaws out it gets soggy and she leaves it lay. I re-freeze it and then she plays more. So funny!!! We were at the vet this morning. My goodness did she let out howls when they gave her the shot. Yikes, I cried…But she and I were just fine in the following seconds. And she has been just fine all day. I hope you, your family and all the dogs are doing well.

Charlene, Brian & Annie