Adluh and Morgan


My first dog, Morgan, is a three-year-old Corgi, and it was for her that I wanted to bring another dog into the house. A friend for Morgan. Another dog to play with her and keep her company while I’m away. I could not have found a more perfect companion. Adluh, my little six-month-old labradoodle is Morgan’s best friend. Sure, she drives Morgan a little crazy sometimes, but Morgan is the big sister and that’s what little sisters are for. Morgan is very protective, and that comes in handy sometimes. Adluh is so friendly, she’s never met a dog that she wasn’t just sure would love her. Usually that works, and she even brings Morgan out of her aloof pose. But it’s a cruel world sometimes, and incredibly there are some dogs who just don’t want to make friends. Morgan steps in and calms the situation down. Adluh takes instant shelter behind her and the two of them are ready for all comers. I never worry about leaving them in the house for several hours at a time–they pull out their toys and play themselves into exhaustion, usually winding up on their pillows by the window in case visitors come and ready for the Big Welcome.