A Girl Named Hannah – Day 2

Well, so far, so good. When we left Shadow Mountain yesterday we rode in a car! Dad (that’s what I call him now) sat in back with me to make it cozy and Mom drove v-e-r-y c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y so I wouldn’t be scared. I wasn’t . . . but I was sure curious.

When we got home I went right to my back yard; yep, it’s mine. I sniffed everything and found out it’s been a very happy place with lots of dog love in the past. Then I peed where they wanted me to and they made a big deal out of it; whatever. And get this: I can hop up on the outdoor couch any time I want and see for miles and miles and miles; plus, Mom or Dad sits next to me and I like that.

I was kinda pooped last night so I went into my crate as soon as they moved it into the master bedroom (can you believe it, the master!?) and slept all night except for a little hoof chewing around 3:30AM. I think that woke Dad up ’cause I heard him leave the room but he wasn’t mad at me this morning. I went out back as soon as I woke up and peed in the right place again; boy, they go wild about that. They’re also happy ’cause I ate a big breakfast. Last night I was just too excited to eat.

So, don’t worry about me. I think this is gonna be a great gig.